Mesynacious & the Stormy Grove Nation

is creating a society & network for those in Harmony with Nature & Truth.

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        About Mesynacious & the Stormy Grove Nation

        In a world like this, full of Divergence and all the B.S it entails, it can be hard as hell to know what to do. To find meaning and purpose in life. Even if you aren’t one of the Outcasts, even if you’re doing “well” under Divergence, there’s still oftentimes an… “emptiness” present. Know what I mean?

        Well, I got good news for you. That emptiness is Nature calling, and Nature always makes the call worthwhile for those serious about following through...

        The Stormy Grove (n., proper [specific]): a society project all about living in Harmony with the Supreme Authority, Nature; doing so with class & swagger; founded by the Prophet, Mesynacious.

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        Our Manifesto

        Are YOU down with Harmony? Do you have so much as a couple bucks to chip in monthly to our Family, this Project, to keep this train stoked and on the main line? Then hit that "Become a Patron" button/link thingy and step up to the plate, y'all.

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