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Story Seeker

$1 /creation
• Receive updates & announcements about current projects & adventures.

• Get to vote 2 times a year on which inspiring project receives a portio...


Double Story Seeker

$2 /creation
• All Story Seeker rewards get but twice as much help!

 — Two is literally TWO TIMES MORE than one. There isn't any other advantage to this perk level, just two times the help, with only...


Story Lover

$5 /creation
•  All the Double Story Seeker rewards PLUS...  

• A personal thank you note in the mail.

Story Activator

$10 /creation
  • All the Story Lover rewards PLUS...
  • An invitation to our inner circle monthly group video chat sessions where we cultivate connections & talk about things like solutionary ...

Story Sharer

$20 /creation
All the Story Activator rewards PLUS...  
  • Receive a high resolution digital copy of a Story Connective related photograph or still.

Story Champion

$30 /creation
All the Story Sharer rewards PLUS...  
  • An original drawing or painting from Rhapsody included with the thank you note that colorfully shares a message important to you.

Story Teller

$50 /creation
All the Story Champion rewards PLUS...
  • We will help you tell*, document & archive one of your own stories (personal, family, mythical, etc.) in an audio format for you to use a...

Story Sponsor

$75 /creation
• All the Storyteller rewards PLUS... 

• Your name* mentioned in the text credits as a Sponsor at the end of every Patreon-funded episode. 

*Please note that we will use ...


Story Wizard

$100 /creation
All the Story Sponsor rewards PLUS...

Regular postcards/notes/surprises in the mail from wherever we happen to be with personally curated story moments from our adventures. 

Story Legend

$200 /creation
oh wow thank you for your support in getting these stories out there! 

• All the Story Wizard rewards PLUS...

We will help you tell*, document and archive at least THREE of your...