StoryPlanet is creating story-based tools for language learners


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We’ll thank you by publishing your name on our platform. Of course, you also get access to our daily stories in German - written and audio. 


$5 /mo
Choose your favorite genre and we’ll publish more stories for learning German that match your taste. (+ Danke!)


$25 /mo
Let us know which language you’re interested in and we’ll start publishing mini-stories to help you learn it. (+ Danke! + Genre!)

Choice between: 

- English

- Spanish

- French


$50 /mo
Our stories are currently geared at intermediate (A2) learners. Do you want easier stories (i.e. beginner / A1)? Or harder ones (e.g. advanced / B2)? Let us know and we’ll start publishing addition...


$100 /mo
Are you a little bit vain? We will write regular stories about you (or based on an idea you give us) in whatever genre and language you want. Overnight you’ll become a star in our StoryPlanet unive...