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About Genevieve Russell

Women + Wholeness

Women + Wholeness is an ongoing video series featuring women that celebrates the forceful, fractured, fanciful, fragile, and fantastic female essence. From the lens of photographer and documentary filmmaker, Genevieve Russell, each woman in the series has a strong identity and a deep connection to her life’s work—an embodied place that comes straight from the heart. Mostly entrepreneurs, these women have artfully turned a passion into a profession. Topics include health, music and song, story, identity, land, gardening, movement, wilderness, art, sexuality and pleasure.

Genevieve carefully, colorfully, and masterfully weaves each woman’s story to create an evocative 10-minute video. Meant to awaken, inspire, and connect to something bigger, Genevieve hopes viewers will see themselves in these personal, heartfelt stories that restore the forgotten feminine and celebrates our individual and collective wholeness.

Episode #1 | Sudha Rani Kailas | Sanctuary
Episode #2 | Laurianne Fiorentino | Songwriting
Episode #3 | Sunny Rose Healey | Mamayurveda
Episode #4 | Daven Lee | The Power of the Yin
Episode #5 Erin O'Neill | Growing Home

Currently, I am drawing from my own intimate circle of incredibly talented and inspiring friends. Additional topics I am pursuing include women who teach, live, and embody: Ecstatic Dance, Gardening, Community Living, Acupuncture, Listening Circles, QiGong and other modalities and practices that lift the spirit, deepen connection, elevate health, and promote the common good.

I want to hear from you.

What is imperative to your well-being and wholeness? What enlivens and motivates your wellness? Who are your teachers and role models for these practices? Or, what do you offer to the community that you would like to share as part of this series?

Please send nominations for this series to [email protected] with subject line: "Nomination for Women + Wholeness Series." In the body of the email include the name of the nominee, their contact information with link to social media channels, a brief description of their work, and why you would like to see them included. Let them know you are nominating them, so they will have some background to the project if and when I reach out. Currently, I am keeping the series local, Northern New Mexico and surrounding areas, though national and international nominations are welcome for future consideration.

I am hoping to bring enough patrons to this project to raise at least $1500 per monthly video. These funds cover research and development, shooting and production, equipment rental, editing, archiving, licensing music and project management. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will be put directly towards the production of each monthly piece. Another way to support this project is by sharing it with your friends and networks.  

* Tiered Patreon benefits will start once the project generates $100/ month minimum


Genevieve Russell is a Santa Fe-based photographer, filmmaker, and founder of StoryPortrait Media, LLC. For 20 years, Genevieve has been devoted to the art of visual storytelling. Her work as a photographer and cinematographer is grounded in community documentary projects that capture authentic, personal and compelling stories. Her client and personal projects have focused on a range of topics, including health and wellness, community building and sustainability, women in leadership, family and personal history, food and farming, the arts and education.

Genevieve lives her passion, putting her subjects at ease and calling out not the crisis, but the compassion, beauty, and inspiration that exist in every story. Genevieve founded StoryPortrait Media in 2007 to create documentary films and multimedia pieces that educate, engage, empower and inspire.

Instagram: @storyportraitmedia
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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