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$1 or more per month 192 patrons
Every single dollar helps StoryWonk to do more! As a producer, you get access to the Patreon-exclusive shows and content, and an IOU for one genuine and enthusiastic high-five should we ever meet in person!

And that's not all! Now, all StoryWonk patrons get access to our Discord server, a live chat-room where you can hang out with other patrons, and with me!
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Executive Producer
$10 or more per month 10 patrons
Executive Producers get access to the Patreon-exclusive content and the Discord server, but also get to access to some podcast episodes before they're available on the website or through iTunes, and a voice and a vote when preparing shortlists for upcoming seminar series!
Includes Discord rewards
$20 or more per month 2 patrons
Showrunners get all the benefits of the Executive Producer level, but also get to decide a topic for a Patreon-exclusive discussion. Do you have a favorite book, or movie, or TV show, or album? Let me know, and I'll discuss it!
Includes Discord rewards