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I take quite a few extra photos that never see the light of day. From events, to every day shoots. I'll hook you up with the shots that are too spicy for social media.
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I'm simply going to sit down in front of the camera & film a short un-edited 10 minute smoke session, every day. Some days they'll be topical, some days they'll be personal. 
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Laser engraved StrainCentral logo hempwick holders! Each comes ready to use with 3ft of Ital Hempwick. 




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About StrainCentral

People seem to be asking lately for me to make DAILY cannabis content again. This is something i've been working towards, but want to now finally take the next step to make happen. 

From the birth of my channel in 2013, I've spend countless hours & thousands of dollars trying to produce interesting quality content, like many others on Youtube. 

Youtube, on the other hand, hasn't been so welcoming.. Since mid-2014, they've removed ALL Adsense abilities on the channel. Essentially deeming the channel "non-advertiser friendly", which has made making this a "career" a rough path to navigate. 

On December 26th, my channel was deleted with 496,000 subscribers, 66 million total views, and 700+ videos. As of today, i've tried every possible means to contact ANYONE at Youtube, but still don't (and more than likely won't) have my channel back. 

They removed not only a resource, that was helpful to MANY cannabis consumers. They also took 4 years of hard work, that I dedicated a good chunk of my life to... away. 

Almost every other large cannabis related channel has has their channel reinstated for many months.. So moving forward, we're simply focusing on the website, making a new channel, and rebuilding!

With this Patreon campaign, I'm asking you, my viewers, for help. I love this idea because it allows my content to remain free for everyone, but also allows for those who truly love the channel, to help me keep this dream going! 

Responsible consumption is an important lesson that needs to be learned, and you can have a direct part in helping me change the view!

The funds raised will be going directly towards 4 things:
Podcasting Equipment 
   - Shure SM7B
   - Behringer 8 Q802USB
   - Sennheiser HD 598

Better Camera Gear
   - Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro Lens
   - Carson Mircoscope
   - DJI Mobile Gimbal

Daily Content Hosting
   - Website Fees
   - Video Hosting 
   - Podcast Hosting

Living Expenses

By donating, you are helping me produce better quality content, that you will get to see more often!

Thank you all for taking the time to read through this! Stay positive & Stay medicated

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