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About Fernand Amandi

Hello friends and compatriots! If you reached this page then THANK YOU. We could not have gotten this far without our great listeners. You help this show run, and every penny that you give to this program goes into producing the best show possible, week in and week out. 

We didn't create this show for any monetary gain, we did it because we needed help processing all the crazy s**t that's going on out there, and give a voice to the few sane minds speaking truth to power. We are proud of what we have created so far, but we have so much further to go, and we need your help to get there. 
So smash that "become a patron" button and... wake up, get smart, and just follow the MONEY! 
You can visit our site to listen to past episodes, and make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

If you are unable to become a Patreon subscriber, there are still other ways you can help out. You can:
- Leave a review and rate the show wherever you get the podcast. 
- Share an episode on social media and don't forget to tag us. 
- Tell your friends about us!

Have a question for me? Want to be featured in our #AskAmandi segment? Send your questions to  [email protected] or tweet them to me @AmandiOnAir. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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