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In our six annual meetings, I will answer your questions and tell you about my process. Throughout the year, you will receive regular opportunties to review some of my story drafts in development and offer feedback (if this interests you, I promise it's optional:). 

This is a chance to peak inside my creative process and help shape it (and perhaps your own along with it!). 

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About Strangers podcast

Hi, I'm Lea, welcome to my kitchen. I've been cooking up a new season of my podcast 'Strangers' but I'm not ready to put it out on all the public platforms, so I'll be sharing it here as I'm making it. It's my most personal work yet and I want to circle the wagons a bit, hence this "kitchen" - welcome to it!

As a patron you'll get access to our archive of more than 90 episodes, most of which are about other people and their remarkable journeys through life. Enjoy! You'll also get access to new 'Strangers' episodes as they become available. 

I will now be telling stories on two parallel tracks (both only on Patreon): 

A) Fully produced episodes 

B) Regular stories, big and small, in audio or writing, about my personal and creative journey through life (my life as it unfolds, my process as I'm making the show), and about interesting people I meet along the way. I'm calling these "Life Stories." 

If you want A, sign up for $1. If you want A + B, sign up for $2.50 (which also helps me greatly by offsetting some of the fees and costs - thank you!) 

If you want to come all the way in the kitchen with me and and learn about podcasting and storytelling, sign up for "The Inner Circle" at $9.50 per month. Or set your own amount at any level. 

Once you sign up, you will receive a dedicated url so you can still listen in your favorite podcast app. 

I'm really glad you're here and I hope you'll join us,


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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