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Stranger Than Christian is a weekly podcast in which I engage in unscripted conversation with people from around the world.

Episodes are usually about an hour, give or take a few minutes. The show is produced, recorded, and edited by me myself and I, from a 5’x3’ closet/makeshift studio in my apartment in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania.

I've been a people person all my life. I've worked at the front desk of various hotels for the past 5 years, which has helped me engage with people from all over the world. However, I craved more intimate interpersonal connections. That desire, along with my lifelong dream of working in broadcasting, led me to create this podcast. I put out a form on Reddit one day and asked if anyone who would be interested in taking with me for an hour or so, with no planning, no agenda, and no script, to fill it out with some basic information about themselves. I was enthused at the response I had gotten. Hundreds of people from all over the world wanted to talk to me.

In the time I’ve been working on the show, I’ve talked to people from all across America, as well as from every inhabitable continent on the planet. Participants have included a blackjack dealer, a polyamorous fire-breather, a construction worker, a coronavirus survivor, a YouTube-streaming Uber driver, the daughter of the mayor of a small town in Indiana, an erotic hypnotist, a Swedish sex worker, a former NBC game show host, an English tutor for American businessmen, a Cuban refugee, a marijuana farmer, a professional playing card thrower, and a mermaid cosplay shop owner, and much, much more.

Producing this podcast continues to be a mutually beneficial experience. I’ve benefited from the interpersonal connections I’ve made with these strangers. In addition, every guest who participates in the show leaves the experience feeling reaffirmed, even moved. Honest dialogue seems to have a potent, positive effect on the isolation so many of us are feeling. I feel proud that I am, at the very least, making an attempt at providing that effect.

Making a podcast is also hard work. The show employs a staff of exactly one person. I book the guests, record the conversations, edit the audio, write the show descriptions, upload the episodes, pay for equipment, and manage the show's social media presence on Facebook and Twitter on my own. Although it's intensely gratifying to pursue my dream on my own terms, I would love to be able to use my talents to support my family.

That, hopefully, is where you come in. If the show inspires you, entertains you, informs you, or otherwise proves itself to be of any value to you, I kindly ask that you support me on this journey. 

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