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Strawlings are the first tier! Here are some of the benefits you'll receive! All new updates come via email. If you're new to my patreon, you don't get all the chapters at once! You'll get them gradually, just like everyone else.

  • A thank you message from me, of course! 

  • Access to SOME exclusive stories, such as Freeze Forward and possibly Mind Reader For Hire
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Strawtons are the second tier! You get everything a first tier gets, and more. All new updates will come via email. If you're a new patron, you don't get all the chapters right away. You start at one and get the rest gradually, just like everyone else! 

Second Tier benefits:

  • You'll get early access to chapters of stories like Freeze Frame and Mind Boggled!

  • You'll get access to bonuses that I won't be sharing with the Wattpad community.

  • You have the option to participate in polls that will alter the stories I have here on Patreon, as well as the stories I have on my Wattpad.

  • You'll get access to ALL exclusive stories 
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Strawkens are the third tier! Remember, all updates come via email! If you're new, you start at the beginning and work up.

You get the first tier stuff, you get the second tier stuff-- but it gets better

  • You'll get access to any of my story plans. If I've planned for it, you get to know. You can suggest changes within the plans

  • You'll get to see some of my drafts, works in progress, etc! 

  • You have a say in what gets updated next, whether it be a Wattpad story, or a Patreon Exclusive.

  • When I'm planning and/or coming up with a new story idea, you may get to help create a character or the main OC.

  • You'll, of course, get full credits for your contributions and full shout outs for these!

  • Do you want a postcard in the mail? Because I'll send you a postcard in the mail




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About Strawhat Pirate

If you're here, thanks for showing up to begin with! I'm a seventeen year old who loves to write suffering through their last year of highschool. I started writing when I was around thirteen or fourteen, bringing me all the way up to now. After creating fanfiction on the popular platform known as Wattpad and gaining so many amazing, amazing followers, it occurred to me that maybe I should try creating a Patreon! After asking my followers, so many of them said yes, that they'd love to support me, so here I am!

My writing isn't the best, but it's not the worst. Here I'll providing pieces of writing exclusive to patrons, providing bonuses for the stories I already have up, and maybe even letting them decide what I write next! I'm hoping I'll be able to provide great content people will enjoy!

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