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LVL 1: Lots Of Mushy Love

$1 /mo
Aside from my undying gratitude and wet sloppy kisses, you'll also be able to access: 
  • Every single update of my upcoming projects before anyone else!
  • My rough pencil sketches bef...

LVL 2: Monthly Goodness Coming Your Way

$5 /mo
Includes LVL 1 rewards in addition to:
  • 1 Cute Illustrated Calendar Every Month. 
  • 1 Digital Download Every Month.
  • A Shoutout On My Instagram Story 
  • Your Name &...

LVL 3: Get Drawn By Me!

$10 /mo
In addition to LVL 1 & LVL 2 rewards, you will also:
  • Be drawn and illustrated by me in my comic style. 
  • Get your name and illustrated portrait featured on my Sponsor Page on my Blog. 

LVL 4: Be Featured In My Comic!

$20 /mo
In addition to LVL 1, LVL 2 & LVL 3 rewards you will also: 
  • Be Drawn and Illustrated as a guest star in one of my comics once every 2 months!

LVL 5: Get A Signed Comic Print

$45 /mo
In addition to LVL 1, LVL 2, LVL 3, & LVL 4 rewards, you will also:   
  • Receive 2 Physical Comics in a high quality print in your mailing address every month! (Simply pick your favorite...

LVL 6: Stray Curls Products delivered to you!

$100 /mo
In addition to LVL 1, LVL 2, LVL 3, LVL 4 & LVL 5 rewards, you will also:
  • Receive a couple of my products be it notebooks/bookmarks/stationery (as soon as they're released) to your  ad...