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If you contribute $1 or more to Street Food, you'll get access to my Patreon Feed, an advanced list of the season's episodes (where I'll be and what snacks I'll be covering), and you'll be automatically entered to win a giveaway of something awesome (at least once per season). Patrons at this level will also receive high-priority access to me answering your questions whenever I do viewer mail.
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Look, if you support this show at $5 per episode, I seriously owe you one. So, you set the agenda. Pick a snack you want me to try, a product you want me to review, an issue in Chinese culture you want me to research, a word you'd like translated into Chinese (or a Chinese word you'd like me to pronounce and explain) … You name it. If you're willing to invest this much in the show, I'm willing to build an episode around your questions and interests.




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About cdzadek

Who I am: My name is Christian Dzadek and I'm from Florida (don't hold it against me). My family and I live and work as expatriates in China - one of the most rapidly developing and globally dynamic countries on the planet … Also, it has the most people, but you probably already knew that.

What I make: Street Food! I love it. It's one of the things that gets me out the door in the morning. And, to be honest, that isn't always easy to do as an expat in an unfamiliar culture. We've found that one of the best ways to handle cultural differences - be they linguistic, hygienic, or culinary - is through manageable, snack-sized portions.

So I create vlogs (mostly set in China, but occasionally from other parts of the world) that explore cultures foreign to my own. Every episode of Street Food features a snack and a cultural tidbit. I'm into cooking, travel, and TESOL as well, so some episodes also feature bonus recipes, travel guides for various parts of China, and language acquisition tips.

But the main event is the food. Street Food. I eat it on the street, I watch out for the parasites, I educate my fans (Streetfoodies) on the general goings-on of expat life.

I release my content in Seasons - between 15 and 20 episodes per season.

Consider Sponsoring Street Food! I'm committed to delivering my content for free, but I'd love to see the show improve. My fans have given me some great ideas for things to improve, but they all cost money. If you like the show, and you'd like to see it improve, consider sponsoring Street Food!

Just so it's clear, a pledge only counts toward the release of Street Food episodes. I release other content on my channel as well, but a commitment to support the show through Patreon will only apply to episodes of my main show - Street Food. No more than 20 episodes per season.
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I need a new camera. I badly need a new camera. If I reach this milestone, Patrons can vote and help me choose from among the best options in my budget. Help make the show look better!
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