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About Streetlight Cadence

Hey Streetlighters!

When we started as a sidewalk band in Honolulu, we had NO IDEA that our nights playing for food would lead to the incredible friends and opportunities we have in our lives now. We get to share our songs and stories with you in concert (and on television!) and use our music for something greater than entertainment. We couldn't have done it without your support through all of these years.

We've operated independently for nearly a DECADE (wow!), and it's entirely due to our generous fans. We hustle and we're smart about it, but all of that work means so much more when somebody tells us it's made a positive impact on their life. As a result, we've sat back and thought about how we can develop a more intimate creative relationship with you - and that's where Patreon comes in.

Our creative output outweighs our opportunities - and Patreon provides a way for us to share our art with you directly. So we figured, why not create a close-knit community of fans who want to hear and see - now - and make a place for connection and interaction?

As a Patron, you will receive our relentless gratitude, as well as the benefits listed in our solo monthly $10 tier. These include new songs, videos, essays, and exclusive engagements - all on a monthly basis. All Patrons regardless of pledge amount will have access to our Patron-only feed, where we post weekly updates, journal entries, and behind-the-scenes content beyond what we have on social media. Plus, we want to give you a peek into how we operate and make business decisions as a band - because that’s where all the fun stuff is, right?

Our biggest hope in all of this is for our music to make your day better - in person, online, or even with each other. We want our Patrons to connect globally - and that’s the best part! Streetlight Cadence is and always will be more than just a band. We're in this together. Let's do this!

With much love,

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Ben will learn an SLC song on the accordion, and forever have to play that song on accordion during live shows.
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