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About Street University

Street University is creating educational, thought provoking and unpretentious videos, shows, animation, music, books, and more.


We are a collective of comedians, writers, academics,animators, musicians and filmmakers on an endless quest for knowledge and a deep appreciation of the world around us. Our goal is to provide well researched, thought provoking content on a variety of topics and present it to our viewers in a short, fun, and well compiled format.

We encourage our viewers to participate in discussions on the many topics we cover or even suggest topics that they'd like to see us do a video about. We feel that critical thinking combined with a good thought provoking discourse are an integral part of the learning process.


Producing quality content is time consuming and expensive. Although we work with a wide variety of people in different fields, our Street University studio is responsible for sound/video editing, production, writing and directing. We take great pride in the effort we put toward providing accurate and well researched content to our viewers and at times that standard of quality can be costly.

To put things into perspective, a monthly pledge of $2 is equivalent to getting 1000 views on Youtube. In other words, it would take 1000 if your views each month to earn the same amount of money back.

We spend days, weeks, and sometimes months researching, animation, writing (and rewriting), recording,editing, translating (where necessary), and exploring every possible angle of the story. In most cases this process can take an entire team to accomplish. We employ incredible researchers, editors, writers, animators, producers, and directors in order to come up with some of the most interesting and informative content around.
If you enjoy our content and watch us regularly are extremely grateful and can't thank you enough! IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO US if you would take the extra step and help us keep doing what we love!
By becoming a patron, you'll help us continue to build our vision and pursue our shared never ending thirst for knowledge and interesting content while creating a forum for discussion and critical thinking.


  • EQUIPMENT. We have many excellent ideas for upcoming videos, shows and podcasts and are currently looking to purchase equipment such as a green screen, microphones, cameras, editing software, lighting, tripod and an a drone camera. 
  • STAFF. Although Street University works with a wide variety of people in many different fields, our studio is comprised of a two man crew working around the clock handling the recording, editing, writing, producing, directing etc. Hiring more people would allow us to have individually assigned projects and ultimately would make for better overall content and more videos being uploaded on a weekly basis
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