is creating design oriented videos playing sandbox games
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As the title says, this reward will grant you early access to all of my videos as soon as I finish uploading them. In most cases, days ahead of time.
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Picking this reward also gives you early access to my videos, and in addition to that, you'll get your name listed in the credits.
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This tier allows you to get all of the previous rewards but also I'll upload the latest savegame from every project I work on after each episode. See FAQ for details.
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About Strictoaster

Thank you for your interest in becoming a patron of my channel.
I'll let the video above answer the basic questions as well as showing you some of the nifty content I've created since I started my channel back in 2013.

Also find me on:
Twitter / @Strictoaster


Note that this section will be constantly updated.

Tier 1 (and above)

  • How early are your will your collab videos be released?
    Even though virtually all of my collab videos have been recorded months in advance it wouldn't make sense for me to release before my co-hosts release theirs. For that and a few other internal production reasons my collab episodes will be released 48-24hs before the "official" release date.

  • Will the early-access videos feature ads?
    I'll turn ads off during the "early preview" phase of every video release. Once the video is made public for YouTube ads will be turned on.

Tier 2
(and above)

  • When will my name be featured in the credits?
    I will grab the latest list of patron names just before I render each video so if you just donated you might have to wait a week or a bit more to see that on screen. On top of that, collab videos are often recorded months in advance so it's likely that you won't see your name on those for a while.

Tier 3
(and above)

  • Which files and when do I get the savegames?
    If you picked the "Get the Savegame" tier, every time I release a new video I'll also post a link to the latest version of the savegame I worked on at that point. This only applies to games which savegames are shareable, and it doesn't apply to collaboration projects (i.e. Arrowhead Junction, FBS, etc).
    If needed, instructions will be provided on how to get the savegames to work on your system and what the minimum requirements are.

Tier 4 (and above)

  • Where will my name be displayed?
    Your name will be displayed at the top of the patrons list, in a special "Executive Producers" section.
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If we achieve this goal I'll be able to slowly but surely upgrade the hardware and software I use to create videos. From video cards to cameras and filming equipment.
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