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About Scott Triffle

My name is Scott and I'm an Illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. I grew up on a healthy diet of Marvel Comics, Saturday morning cartoons, Star Wars, Muppets and pro wrestling, and my diet hasn't changed much at all. My work is full of colourful, cartoony characters and not a day goes by that I'm not creating fun new things.

What you will find on my Patreon
  • Exclusive looks behind the scenes of my sketchbooks, works in progress and more
  • Access to hi-res downloads, colouring pages, phone wallpapers and more
  • Monthly tutorials as I show you the processes behind my creations and show you how to create your own wonderful creatures
  • Exclusive stickers, prints, pins and more!
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  • What your support means
    By supporting me you will be helping me to further my art by purchasing new supplies, paying the electricity bill to keep the heater going in my far too cold studio, and making sure that I can continue to keep bringing the weird and wonderful creatures that live in my head out for the world to see.
    If you do choose to join and become a Patron, know that I will be forever grateful for your support.  

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    Want to see more of my art?
    11 of 15 patrons
    Starting with a small goal, once I hit 15 patrons I will be creating a one of a kind, digital commission for each patron, in the style of my World of Munstroa animals.

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