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Reading List!

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Reading lists.
If you want to know more about a topic, I'll curate a reading list of content that I've worked through to get to this stage.
This will be part of a big discussion amongst all supporters, so we can chat after each video release, build the reading list together and keep the discussion going beyond the video analysis.

You also get 25% off each issue of new magazine, PanelxPanel.

Extra Article!

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Research and extra articles, and Comic Book Club!
An additional essay/article on something related to the main topic of the episode. This could be diving further into the themes, or something else from the same comic that's worth looking at.
This will all be shared to help further some extra discussion for supporters

Also, the full script of the latest episode.

Access to the Strip Panel Naked Discord chatroom, where myself and a bunch of patrons chat comics.

Also includes the reading lists $1 reward, and 50% off issues of new magazine, PanelxPanel.

Includes Discord benefits

Page Annotations!

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Page Breakdowns (& Comic Book Club)
I'll add a series of page breakdowns and annotations for the comics analysed in the episodes, featuring a selection of useful pages.
Also get access to (near)un-edited recordings of the Creators Edition episodes.
This includes reading lists and additional research notes in the previous two tiers, including the discord chatroom!

Also, each new issue of PanelxPanel magazine for free!

Includes Discord benefits




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About Strip Panel Naked

Who Are You?
I'm Hass, and I create the videos. I've had a lifelong love of comic books, and used to run IndieReviews back in 2006, which was a website looking at small press comics in the UK. Now I work as a video editor and cameraman in between busy bouts of reading comics! I also edit the two-time Eisner-nominated monthly comics magazine, PanelxPanel.

I started 'Strip Panel Naked' because I wanted to see more in-depth analysis on comics and comic art. The response has been amazing, and has already started fostering more discussion.

I also break down interesting comic pages on my Twitter (@HassanOE) as part of furthering that conversation.

What is 'Strip Panel Naked'?
'Strip Panel Naked' is a video series analysing and breaking down comics art in detail.

A lot of artists and writers in comics are often working with invisible tools. Controlling eyelines, reading speed, the way you understand character relationships and action. It's a very unique art form, because like cinema it's entirely visuals-based, but unlike cinema, you don't have as much direct control on your audience. You have to utilise a lot of clever tricks to get your audience to do what you want them to, without it ever really feeling forced.

That's what 'Strip Panel Naked' is all about. Each video is around 5-10 minutes, focusing on a particular issue and theme within that issue. That way we can really look in-depth at what and how the artist/writer/creative is doing.

So I've looked at topics such as Declan Shalvey Creating a Good Action ComicDavid Aja's Panel Density, and how Chris Samnee Controls Movement.

A few times a week I also do breakdowns of interesting comic pages I've noticed. These are found on twitter (@HassanOE) but archived on this page, too.

Why Patreon?
I don't have ads on my videos, and I don't really like the idea of creating a paywall to stop people viewing them. What I'm offering instead is additional content for subscribers. There's a chunk of research that goes into each video, and a lot of other notes and information I end up having to cut for time. 

I also get a lot of suggestions from viewers about future content, and all those notes, reading lists and research will be made available - so we can, as a community, keep the discussion going.

When Do You Release Content?
At the moment I'm releasing about two episodes a month on average.

How Do We Help?
This started because I wanted to have these kind of discussions about comic art with other people. I want to help showcase these great things that artists and writers are doing in books, and have an open discussion about understanding the medium. Hopefully, together, we can help people move from enjoying an issue of a comic, to really understanding why they did.

Anything you can donate, whatever amount, goes into allowing more time to make these videos. From research, to editing, to creating the additional content. I really want 'Strip Panel Naked' to help foster conversation about the medium, and help myself and others get a deeper understanding of it all.


$443.53 of $500 per video
An exclusive page breakdown/annotation added for patrons each week, breaking down something new in comics that the patrons and I have been reading!
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