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Mighty males will take over the world. In the good sense of those words.
Welcome to the Patreon of the "Strong & Furry" team. We create NSFW visual novels in ‘bara’ and ‘furry’ genres.
In our games you will find romance, tenderness, love and big furry males who will give you unforgettable moments of fun (we hope so).
A chance to start romantic relationships with big guys is a trademark of our games. What can be better than strong warm hugs of those beautiful mighty male, who will never make you feel lonely. You will see their strength and drive in at its best.
If you never paid attention to furry bodybuilders, give them a chance. Who knows, maybe romantic scenes with your favorite character will make you melt with joy.
With a joy we offer you to try those males not only by feel, but also by taste. There’s enough love for everyone! Just don’t overdo it...


As a first project, in order to evaluate our strength, we will release a small visual novel “Run, Kitty!”.

It tells about a cat named Simon, who decided to skip classes at the university, alone with nature - in other words, take a walk through the forest. Knowing this forest like the back of his hand, he never expected that he would be able to get lost there... Yes, and even find himself pursued by an unknown predator, in the forest, where they have never lived...
Can he get out of the forest on his own?..

The demo version is free for everyone, and the full version will be commercial.

The full version will include:
- 1 hour content playthrough
- 6 CG (2 HCG)
- 6 backgrounds
- 3 endings


We will sell full version for 3$ on various game sites.
Also we will present special edition of game for 6$, which includes original soundtrack and artbook.
But you also can purchase soundtrack and artbook separately for 3$ each.
For those who supported us in the total amount greater than the game costs, we will provide it for free for you.
You just have to be our patron at the time of release of the game.


We are launching Patreon in order to collect funding for our little first game, as well as to have the opportunity to work on our favorite thing in the future - to create visual stories about the powerful furries that we always wanted.

We will charge you on the day of payment and on the first day of the next month.
To avoid double withdrawals, please join us at the beginning of the month, thanks!
We also accept your feedback, ideas and suggestions. Feel free to give us your thoughts!

Depending on the amount of support from our players, we will try to provide you with news from the development as often as possible.
Initially this is once a month.
We hope that we can finish it as soon as possible with your help!


- Steam?
- Yeah, we are planning the Steam release, but we need your suggestiongs about 18+ content (releasing full adult game or DLC 18+ patch for free).
Steam Achievements - yes. Steam trading cards - of course, if Steam will give us the permission.

- Why the game is so short?
- This is our first game, and we decided to start something small so that won't be very hard to finish. Also, without sufficient funding, we simply cannot produce a longer game, so please take this into account.
We really love mighty muscular furries as much as you love them, and we believe that if our first game would be successful, we can work more on the next ones. So don't hesitate to write reviews, tell your friends, draw fan art and write fanfiction! We love such creativity on your part.

- Languages?
- Game is planned to release in Russian and English at first, and if we will have enough support, we can be able to translate the game into other languages after release! You can contact us, if you have ideas about that already.


Bertran Way - Director and Writer
zogii - Character Artist
Ave Maria, DreaML - Background artists
sosokpoperechnogo - GUI Artist
GentlePunkSvarogIgorex - Composers
John "JF-049" FrostFox - English Translation
RUzura Interactive - Code


If you have any questions, you can send it to us via TwitterFacebookVK or e-mail.
Also we have Discord channel and page.
Please, feel free to express your thoughts, but constructive and without negative. Thank you.

If you're looking for other ways to support us, you can use Ko-Fi.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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