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About Strong Songs

Who are you? What’s this “Strong Songs” show all about?

Hi! My name’s Kirk. I’m a musician, writer, and teacher. Strong Songs is a podcast I make that’s basically about how…. music… is good. That pretty much sums it up.

Each episode takes a well-known song and pulls it apart to figure out how it works. I re-create sections of the song on my own, work out the theory behind the chords and melodies, and break down the songwriting techniques used by the composers, all with the goal of helping people hear their favorite music in a new way.

Why should I back this project?

I’ve been doing Strong Songs since late 2018 and it’s been a blast. The show has been (and will remain) completely free, but as it’s become more popular, I’ve found myself putting more and more time into it.

Each episode takes me multiple days to complete: there's pre-production, learning the song, writing out the episode, then recording, mixing, editing, listening back, and so on. For me to continue dedicating as much time as I think Strong Songs deserves, I need it to generate some income. I don’t want to move to a pure subscription model and I’m not really interested in reading ads on the show, so Patreon seems like the way to go.

How often do you publish?

I publish every other Wednesday, which basically comes out to two episodes per month. That means your monthly pledge will support the creation of two episodes. I publish the show via RSS to a number of popular podcast destinations like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Stitcher.

What kind of rewards are you offering?

Nothing super exciting - I’m intending this Patreon to be for people who mainly just want to support me making the show. I might add more tiers and rewards in the future, but for now, all tiers will get access to my Patreon feed, which will include some fun behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as maybe an occasional AMA or stream for backers. Higher tiers will get your name included in the show notes of episodes you've backed. All backers, regardless of tier, will be signed up for my monthly newsletter. And everyone will get my sincere gratitude for helping me make Strong Songs as good as it can be!

I already subscribe to Strong Songs; is anything about the show going to change?

Nope! If you already subscribe and for whatever reason can’t become a Patreon backer, nothing will change for you. I’m not going to start doing Patreon-exclusive episodes or anything like that. I really want to keep Strong Songs as accessible as possible.
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I'll record a bonus "terminology" episode where I explain a bunch of the music terminology I sometimes use on the show. Terms will be general ("bridge," "turnaround," "double-time"), instrument-specific ("pick-slide," "vocal break," "ride cymbal"), or more Kirk-specific ("nasty," "tasty," "disgusting," etc.).
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