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For those who want to support our work. 

You'll get our sincere thanks, patron only posts, and access to the Struggle Session Discord server.

Bourgeois Capes

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- Bi-weekly bonus episodes with special guests and exclusive content.

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- Access to the Struggle Session Discord server.

Friendship DLC

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We're your dorky leftist friends you don't get in real life because everyone at the tech company you work at reads Ayn Rand and yells racist shit while playing Call of Duty. A damn shame. 

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick

$20 /mo
You're the wokest rich person of all time. We'll mention you once at some point in whatever context we feel like. You know the way John Oliver randomly says Susan or Jimmy or some shit? Same idea. 

Star Citizen

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- With this tier you are granted exclusive pre-pre-Alpha access to Struggle Session Fighters EX Tournament Edition*.

*Game may or may not exist.

Angel Investor

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- Wow, you're really making it happen. After years of successfully funding various tech startups and bitcoin farms, you're ready to play with the big dogs in the world of podcasting. We have an ela...