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is creating safe community for the spiritually homeless
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You believe in creating safe spiritual space for folks like us! Endless thanks to you. 




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About St. Thomas Collective

We are on a mission to ensure that  Biola students never have to wonder whether or not there is safe space for them to voice their struggle with and for faith. We believe Biola students need a community where no question is off limits and no perspective is dismissed. 

When you become a Patron of St. Thomas Collective, you are creating sacred space for the doubting, the frustrated and the spiritually homeless to know they are not alone and that the mystery of God is big enough for their journeys.


Safe Community | Humility with Mystery | Movement Toward Truth | Human Connection

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When we reach this level of support, we will be able to start building towards a Student Director role for future years with a nice stipend to boot.
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