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What's up guys,

Welcome to my Patreon page! Before we jump in, I wanted to share some info about myself.
I am a professional saxophone player based in Toronto, Canada. After studying music privately through grade school and high school, I acquired a Bachelors in Music at Humber College's jazz performance program, one of the most esteemed music performance programs in my country and recognized throughout the world. After my educational journey I went on to do numerous tours in Canada and the United States, as well as Europe and the UK.

In my last few years out of school, I have been seeing through experience and talking to my fellow peers from college that while my time studying music at a big institution helped in someways, it hindered my progression and even harmed it in other ways. Now, I'm not about to tell you that education is bad, because it isn't. But the fact of the matter is that colleges and universities are BUSINESSES first, and resource centres second. When there are so many students in a program, it's really hard to get one on one, personalized time with the professors I looked up to so much.

It's very easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on programs like this, just to get ignored by your profs, lost in the mix, and end up not really ever having a career (this happened to the majority of folks in my graduating class). To be frank, I learned way more from my years of gigging, touring, and talking with older, wiser players at jam sessions around North America then I ever learned in college. What I'm saying is that at the end of the day, a lofty University degree won't make you a great player, educator or musician. That comes from your own dedication to the craft, experience, hard work, and by having one or two experienced mentors available to you that will help you on an individual basis, and cater the education to your own unique learning style. This is exactly what I am going to be to all of you who have subscribed to my Patreon page, I want to give you the tools and knowledge I have collected from a decade of my own education at numerous establishments, gigging, record albums, going to jam sessions in different cities, touring, and educating, to better help you on your own musical journey. I will  provide you with a high level of personalized information and tutelage at the fraction of the cost of what a College degree would run you.


Every week you will receive a new lesson video, outlining and explaining in depth elements of one of the topics below. Study the video, and start implementing the topic into your own playing. After a few days or when you feel you are starting to get a handle on it, send me back a video showing me your progress and ask me some questions, I will respond with a personalized video answering and critiquing what you need to work on (this feature is only available to those in my VIP patron tier, for 50$ per month). There will be other supplementary material such as PDFs and sheet music to aid you, and being on my patreon circle I will also occasionally let you know what I'm up to and give you exclusive offers and discounts for my 1 on 1 Skype Lessons, original music and other great content!

If you happen to feel like you have a handle on certain topics and would like to focus on different/specific areas, shoot me a message and I will be sure to focus on those topics with you. Personalized customization of this material is available and encouraged!

With all that in mind, here are some of the topics that will be covered in my Patreon Program.

Sound production on the saxophone
Technical development
Sight reading
Melodic Structure
Jazz Theory
The nuances of playing different western styles of music (blues, gospel, jazz, funk, soul, smooth jazz, hip hop)
Learning Standard tunes
The importance of respecting the rhythm section
The metaphysical and spiritual aspects of music, stream of consciousness

If there's other topics not listed that you're hungry for, let me know and I will do my best to cover that for you!

Disclaimer - It is of the upmost importance for you all to understand that all North American music styles (blues, gospel, jazz, funk, soul, hiphop etc) is Black American Music, and to acknowledge and respect this. Especially if you are enjoying/playing/profiting off any of this music.  I do not take any credit for the information I am about to share with you all, I did not invent any of this.  All this has been laid down for decades by the great players, musicians and educators of the last century.

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