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About Stuart 'The Wildman' Mabbutt

Get involved in this brave new opportunity to help nature and the environment by engaging people with nature through their senses and my wider creative work, by paying a monthly amount for the content I share with you in advance of any official release or publication. Together we can achieve so much.

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There are plenty of rewards available for differing levels of support (on the right of this page), with behind the scenes access and even a chance to contribute to aspects of my work giving nature a voice.

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Feel free to support me for as much or as little as you wish, and for how long you wish. Your support is very important and so much has been achieved already.

Who is Stuart 'The Wildman' Mabbutt?

I had to evolve, adapt and diversify a few short years ago, when in November 2014 I was finally diagnosed with aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis and in February 2017 with Fibrolmyalgia. Then in 2018 the diagnosis of Epilepsy came through which causes intense mental fogginess.

Having been in business since 1988 running a wildlife gardening business around the university city of Oxford. When I was led in bed at the end of 2014, unable to get up unaided, and hardly able to feed myself as I couldn't even get my hand to my mouth. Or eat properly as my jaw was immobilized due to the Arthritis. What was in the forefront of my mind, was "How can I make still make a contribution and earn myself a living".

From that point it has been an evolving situation with my creative work alongside getting on top of my health and adapting personally.

I discovered a sensory engagement with nature helped me manage my pain, and wearing my hat and performing as 'The Wildman' took the pain away for the duration of the performance.

Which opened the doors to nature giving me a future and being able to still make a contribution to society and help give nature a voice.

My Creative Work

Get involved in this brave new opportunity to help nature and the environment.

I now write wildlife gardening books, with books 1,2,3 and 4 already published and available as eBooks on Amazon Kindle. I'm now writing 4 other books the main one called 'Angels On My Path', that contains observations, poetry, lyrics and prose of the people I have met along my way. Nobody gets off lightly in it. Its a take no prisoners affair I'm afraid. Everything I'm writing is the truth, if brutal. Its not hearsay, it can't be debated, its factual with a scattering of opinion littering the damn thing. I react to ignorance I'm afraid, that's what happens when you are not a coward about your life. 

I'm writing 3 other books as well. Another wildlife gardening book, this time with a very philosophical slant. A book of poems and prose, and then a guided walks book around the city of Oxford.

I give consultations and tutorials to people in their own gardens using the 'Gardening By Numbers' concept.

I give lectures 1) Wildlife Gardening In Everyday Gardens 2) Tales about travelling around making wildlife radio and TV/Online shows 3) How Nature Gave Me Future.

I run nature sensory workshops for families, individuals and groups. Showcasing how nature can be used for pain and stress management, plus team-building.

This is where you can become a valued part of the team and help progress my creative work yet further.

The real creative area of my work is as a wildlife sound recordist. I make an independent wildlife radio show called 'Going Wild With Wildlife', for hospital, community and internet radio stations. Currently 11 stations (hospital, internet and community stations) have or are running my shows, and I'm currently transmitting somewhere over 30 times per week. This material can be re-purposed for use within the Talking Newspaper movement, that helps those with sight impairments. Would be great to engage that part of the population that are often isolated as well as similar groups. Together we can achieve so much.

Here are some links to my radio work:
and there's more...
Further Radio Show Highlights

I also make an audio blog called 'Inspirations For Living', that is in the podcast style, within which I explore the challenges in life and how to overcome them. I am hoping to expand on this and have regular guests on the show too. My Audio Blog 'Inspirations For Living'.

We will be running crowdfunding campaigns to help progress the following area of work, and your involvement on Patreon is a key part of that funding drive.

I am also working on a TV/Online show called 'The Peoples Countryside', that aims to give nature a voice and improve the state of nature by giving interviewees the opportunity to ask viewers for the help they need to progress their work. The idea is to develop trips around Britain and abroad where we do filming, record for the radio shows and also document the state of nature in photographic form. This will allow future conservationists to make educated decisions regarding how to manage habitats going forward. Trips will focus around old disused railway lines, that are near the radio stations that already run our shows.

The Peoples Countryside Website

NEW - The Peoples Countryside Podcast

We have just launched The Peoples Countryside Podcast on which we will explore 3 tough environmental questions. The aim is to take that format onto the stage in front of a live audience in the form of Live and Unscripted, that will also include a photographic exhibition to prompt debate about mans impact on the environment.

The Peoples Countryside Podcast

The Future

Having faced severe ill-health and having had my mother pass away in December 2016 who was my main carer, my major aim is to take nature onto the stage and by Easter 2021 perform at the O2 in London.

I want to direct the focus on all areas of my work towards the worlds seas and oceans. They are absorbing much of the environmental impacts that humans have on the environment, but are nearing capacity. The have locked up in them many of the solutions we humans face. So deserve focused work done on them.

This work has legs and a real opportunity to change lives and help nature so join me on the unique if unorthodox journey. I look forward to working with you.

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Get books 3 and 4 published in paperback form and on Amazon Kindle, and help me make an impact on natures ecosystems found in any garden and man's appreciation of it, all over the world.

Here's a short film giving an insight in to my writing work.
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