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Support at any level and I'll send you a 3X5 card hand-inscribed by me with one of my favorite quotes. You can pick the quote, or I can. Up to you.
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A monthly inside update on the long-form research and writing I'm doing. Insights from the archives, passages from early drafts, scandalous excerpts from letters nobody's read since 1963 — all the cool behind-the-scenes stuff that's not ready to share with the world yet, or in some cases maybe ever. (NOTE: If you supported at a level below $5 and want the newsletter anyway, I'm happy to send it along. But don't tell anybody — it's a secret!)
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The card, the monthly letter, and an individually signed copy of my book when it comes out sometime in 2016 (ish). And I'll also send you a link to a deeply weird, deeply embarrassing short film I starred in when I was in my early thirties.




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About Angus Johnston

For years now I've been working with student activists around the country and the world to help them build student power, and writing and speaking about activism past and present in all kinds of venues. It's important work, but mostly unpaid, and the most important tends to be the least paid. 

That's where you come in. If you believe in this work — the map of student protests, the mentoring of struggling student unions, the support for anti-harassment policies at student conferences, the signal-boosting of student organizing, the public advocacy for students' rights in the classroom, the student-friendly scholarly research into social movements past and present — here's your chance to keep it all happening and to make it all even cooler.
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