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- My Story:
Hi there! My name is Mohammad Masad, I'm a 25-year-old architect, designer, and visual artist from Amman, Jordan.
I currently work as a freelance designer, working mostly in visual identity design as well as digital art and illustration, but I also have an explorative approach that often crosses into other fields of creative work. My interests include music, film, astronomy, cooking, poetry, and more. I always try to meet new different people as it satisfies my curiosity to learn more about our world.

But my biggest passion since I was a teenager has always been at the intersection between music and art, I've always been inspired by the artworks of albums, I used to decide which album I'm gonna buy next largely based on the cover art sometimes! I have ignored this passion in my professional life for a while but it is now my aspiration to start my own creative studio that specializes in creating visual and interactive art inspired by sound & music.

- The Studio:
The studio would be based in Amman, Jordan and will be called "Studio Atheer". At the start I'll be working mostly with cover artwork, lyric booklets, posters, animation videos, etc.., but I'll be hoping to improve my skills and also include an interactive aspect that I could pair with my architecture background to create installations and get involved in events and shows.

- What Studio Atheer does:
Creating unique artworks for musicians and listeners alike, my designs are custom made to stand out and reflect how the music feels rather than follow trends, they are minimalist but meaningful works that can communicate what sets the artist apart and be more than just merchandise. The goal is to transform sound into visual poetry.
- Mission:
To provide musicians with unique and high quality artworks that reflect how their music feels and communicates what sets them apart.

- Samples of my work:
Most of my current works are redesigns of already existing albums or songs, I've done a bit of professional work for a couple of new musicians.

Thank you all very much and I would appreciate any help!

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