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About Nigel Sade and Sarah Wilkinson

Welcome the the Illustrious Patreon page of 
Studio de Sade is the Brainchild of Nigel Sade and Sarah Wilkinson! Sarah and Nigel met eons ago in the before time! It was a Dark and mysterious time filled with fuckery and overall bad! One fine day in the bowels of Detroit, a hand shaped land from which Sarah was held prisoner, Nigel was traveling as he does so often. Nigel was a neerdowell vagabond with a good heart and a car! They met ... One thing let to another and BOOM Studio de Sade! 

In the beginning and really a little before that there was Nigel. Relativity being what it might be there may be some wiggle room. Either way it is how he remembers it. For some time there was childhood, that was boring … but from what we know a necessary evil. There were some good times and as with most successful artists there were a lot of bad times. And with those times came Art, with this he could show the world how he saw it. The catharsis of this led to the man you know or are about to know.
Nigels art is symbolism, both abstract and realism. In realism it is very similar to surrealism but with more of a bend on illustration of emotion not dreams. And in the abstract Nigel tackles questions of how we see the world, often relating them back to pop culture and how it can be represented through old art forms. In either case he is showing the viewer how he sees the world.

Sarah Wilkinson is a full time artist. She travels with her art studio, Studio de Sade, doing conventions where she sells the art and talks about the pieces. She works freelance for other companies, and for herself illustrating personal concepts. She has been professionally working in the trading card/comic book industry for over 10 years. Her first job was for Topps and Lucasfilm, designing sketch cards for the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith movie card set. She was one of the youngest artists to be an officially approved Lucasfilm artist. Since then, she has worked on many properties, including Indiana Jones, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Dr. Who, Bettie Page, Marvel and DC Comics properties including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and more. Her art has been used on comic book covers, as comic book pinups, story illustrations, children’s Halloween masks, children’s books, remote control cars and toys for Disney. She still does freelance work for these companies.  Currently, Sarah’s work has taken a much more personal turn and is using oils to illustrate emotions and offer therapeutic comfort to both the artist and the viewer. Sarah is a crazy cat lady and a foodie!
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We will Begin putting our finished Sketches up here a few days before releasing them to the rest of the public. Thus giving you folks first dibbs on the Original art. This will be available to anyone people at the $20 or more tier
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