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As part of the Uncommon supporter tier, you will get access to the following perks:

  • Ad-Free experience while you are logged in on any StudioLoot website.
  • Receive an Uncommon Supporter Role and a green name in the StudioLoot Discord Server!
  • Stand out from the rest through an exclusive background and badge on any StudioLoot Website (for example in the comments section).

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You will receive all the benefits of the Uncommon Supporter Tier plus the following:

  • You will receive the Rare Supporter Role and a blue name in the Studio Loot Discord Server
  • Got a question? We got answers! Get top priority and a quick response from the Studio Loot team for any questions you have when you join our community on Discord, a special place for you to hang out, chat together, and have a fun and safe space to discuss topics that are on your mind!
  • 10% off of any Studio Loot Apparel

Includes Discord benefits

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You will receive all the benefits of the Uncommon Supporter and Rare Supporter Tiers plus the following:

  • You will receive the Epic Supporter Role and a purple name in the Studio Loot Discord
  • You will be featured as a supporter at the end of every Studio Loot YouTube video.
  • Promoted Guild on any Studio Loot website (websites for more games coming soon!)
    • Support the development of our tools and in return your guild/company will be listed as "promoted" for as long as you're subscribed to this tier.
    • Promoted guilds/companies are listed above regular guilds/companies and are rotated daily in the sidebar on the front page.
    • A chance for your promoted company to be shouted out on the New World to Go or the Ashes to Go Podcast. 

Includes Discord benefits



About StudioLoot

Studio Loot is committed to providing you high quality content, and creating an AMAZING community revolving around multiplayer video games.

Studio Loot is run by 3 individuals (Takyn, Redbyrd, and BDLG) who have a passion for gaming and love sharing their experiences & knowledge with others.

We aim to deliver high quality content in the form of tools, guides, news, podcasts, Videos, live streams, and more!

By supporting us on Patreon you can help keep the websites and bots up and running, pay for hosting, and add new features and tools as well as produce more content. These are a few of the things you would directly contribute to:
- host and maintain
- keep the NewWorldBot running and add new features
- maintain the New World Dev Tracker
- producing guides and content
- developing the New World Database
- developing Build and Crafting Calculators (soon)

Thank you for your support and see you in-game! :)

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