Study Hall is creating a newsletter

Pre-Approved List

$1 /mo
This tier is for journalists and media workers of color, and others pre-approved for this level. It gets you the newsletter, the Listserv, and Basecamp. If you're not a media worker of color or els...

Study Hall Digest Only

$2 /mo
A weekly email filled with the best (and worst) media news. Great for anyone who is interested in the media. 

Study Hall Digest + Job and Freelance Opportunities + Listserv

$4 /mo
$4 gets you the weekly media newsletter, plus a weekly listing of job and writing opportunities, and access to the Study Hall Listserv.

(NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Study Hall Network Limited Time Offer

$8 /mo
Thanks to our early adopters! 

Study Hall Network

$11 /mo
Study Hall's Network (Basecamp, editor databases, late-paying lists, chat rooms, and more), plus the listserv and newsletters. This level is great for those who work in the media, especially freela...

Listserv + Newsletter + Databases

$12 /mo
This tier includes the Study Hall Digest, access to the Study Hall Listserv, and access to database search services for investigative reporters, but NOT the Network. Please contact [email protected]

Study Hall Network + Databases

$18 /mo
Study Hall's Network (Basecamp, editor databases, late-paying lists, forums and more), PLUS the listserv and newsletter, PLUS access to database search services. Please contact [email protected] ...