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Entry to Panda's Tree House
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Thank you so much for your support, it's appreciated more than you know. Now climb on up this ladder and settle in! :)

The tree house tier receives: 
  • WIP shots of my creature costumes before anyone else
  • Exclusive photos usually reserved for customers only
  • Sneak peak of upcoming projects & plans
Campfire Critter Chat
per month
Come on down and chat with fellow costume enthusiasts around the campfire! Bringing ingredients for smores is always encouraged. ;D

 The campfire tier receives: 

  • The same benefits as the $2 tree house tier
  • A $5 coupon to use on supplies in my Etsy store
  • Access to a private video(s) that I tape while working. Due to my rural internet connection and the varying schedules of patrons, this is a better alternative to livestreaming. As a bonus you can go back in older posts to see any video you like!
  • Access to the Patreon only Stuffed Panda Studios Campfire Critter Chat on Telegram.
Tree House Studio
per month
Now you'll have an even better view of how I work and what my thought process is. Bring a lint roller and watch out for project pieces scattered everywhere! :D

The studio tier receives: 

  • The same benefits as the $5 campfire tier
  • A $10 coupon to use on supplies in my Etsy store
  • Access to my exclusive monthly vlog. I'll go over projects I've worked on in the past month (personal and/or work related), relay any tips or funny stories, things I've managed to screw up and how I fixed it (this happens more than I'd like, heh!), and try and answer any work/costume/convention related FAQs anybody may have.
  • Possible giveaways and goodies. Not guaranteed, but you may get surprise things in the mail from me every once and a while.
  • After your first pledge processes I'll send you a thank you card in the mail with a black and white sketch inside!




per month

About Stuffed Panda Studios

Hello there! My name is Panda and I am a full time artist operating under the business name Stuffed Panda Studios

I have been creating creature costumes for businesses and individuals on commission for over six years now. If you're here you must love costumes as much as I do, so we've already got one thing in common. :) Welcome to my Patreon!

Why Patreon

Creating costumes has given me so much joy over the past ten years. Whether it's crafting them for others or performing in them at conventions, I never get tired of bringing these crazy creatures to life. Patreon gives me a whole new way to interact with people who are interested in my work and process. I love chatting with people who are just as passionate about costumes as I am, and it's a lot of fun!

My normal content has never been gated behind Patreon. I still post just as many WIP photos, finished videos, and brief explanations of my process as I always have to social media. Answering questions and interacting with others is something I love to do whether they are a patron of mine or not. However, this platform allows me to create extra content that I wouldn't be able to justify without the funding. Depending on the tier you select you'll see anything from early WIP photos, work videos, access to our Patreon campfire telegram chat, vlogs, and more!

What You Get

By joining our little treehouse you'll get instant access to hundreds of posts from the past three years. There is a wealth of information catalogued in my Patreon that will prove useful to a complete beginner or seasoned crafter. From WIP photos to videos, there is something for everyone (even if you're just curious and not interested in making a critter yourself)! Be sure to check out the detailed rewards for each tier to your right.

Where the Money Goes

The money I get from Patreon is used to fund the supplies, tools, and educational materials I need to improve my craft and work on personal projects. As a freelance artist it's difficult to justify buying experimental materials when it is not going to be used to turn a profit in the near future. Any new materials or methods I learn are shared here and on social media so everyone benefits! Because of the support I've gotten through Patreon the past three years, I have the confidence and knowledge to tackle a project that's been a dream of mine for ten years. Go here to see just what that is.

Thank you for stopping by! 

Whether you are a patron or not, your interest in my work is greatly appreciated and keeps me going. Keep crafting! 🐼
$583 of $800 per month
When I hit this goal I'll be making enough to pay the mortgage AND work on side projects I'm really passionate about! This means my costumes will improve faster, I'll learn techniques to take my work to the next level, and you will be able to follow along and learn with me. I'll design and order another piece of Patreon exclusive merchandise in addition to the enamel pins. Mugs? Pathtags? Water bottles? Bags? The possibilities are endless! :)

Guaranteed three recorded work videos per month.
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