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About Subnormal Halfspy

Hey there! I'm Subnormal Halfspy, but you can call me either Subby or Sub if that nickname's a mouthful. I am currently unemployed, and considering freelance work due to personal preference and experience.

I draw, write and occasionally produce other types of media such as photography. I am more a hobbyist content creator than anything else, and most of my deviantART gallery (SubnormalArt), as well as my art Twitter (@subnormalart) page posts are chuck-full of fanmade creations from derived media (alongside some unrelated posts), but you may see some original content every now and then. I do best with vector graphics environment when I make an artwork, but I would also like to broaden my art endeavors and go with raster art as well. While I am no master at anything I do, I more likely than not enjoy experimenting with different art styles (though it may take a while to get used to one style after another).

My current primary focus on content creation is a personally written (and occasionally illustrated) fan fiction inspired by the Patapon franchise, a series of video game trilogy developed under a team lead by Rolito Giuli and Hiroyuki Kotani, and released by Sony which is available on the Playstation Portable, Playstation Vita and Playstation 4 for Patapon Remastered. Patapon: Tales of the Old World retells the tale of the trilogy from my own spin on its lore, shedding light into the knowledge of the Patapon universe that has left so much to desire as well as entirely new perspective on what is widely known as Rolitoland, the homeworld of the Patapons and many more native inhabitants like them. This work is created in collaboration with a friend who is not available on Patreon (or most other websites for that matter) and can only be reached via Discord.

With that in mind, please note that my life covers much more than just making artwork, and I'm still a human being behind the screen of my computer, which means I will be capable of making mistakes like any other human would, though I strive to do less of them, and avoid ones that will negatively affect me as a person. I am currently struggling with computer related issues such as a failing hard drive on my main laptop, and my backup laptop not being entirely ideal for heavy artwork-related tasks, which results into limited reward tiers for the sake of easing my reward management and not be overwhelmed by rewards that are beyond my offering as of now. 

Payments made to my Patreon account will go towards support for daily expenses, equipment upgrade and paying my Internet bills.

By becoming a patron, you hereby support my endeavors with content creation. Please be reminded that I have a set of rules for you to follow, but here is an abridged version of the full page rules (which can be viewed from a file linked on my deviantART page):

  • No NSFW requests. This page is focused on the general audience, and I'd rather not show what kids shouldn't see.
  • Do not rush me! I'm a living human being just like you. You'd not want to get rushed by someone either.
  • Poor behavior/code of conduct, such as, but not limited to harassment and stalking shall not be tolerated here. If you don't like me as a person and/or what I do, why are you even here? It shouldn't be difficult to ignore someone you particularly hate who isn't doing anything remotely illegal and move on.

Violating both the abridged and full version of these rules will result into you being barred from further support via blocking.
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