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About Sugakiel

i! I'm Sugakiel. I really like horror, bl and drawing so I do that. I'm Argentinian, and I live in the Patagonia. I'm a college student, I don't study art, so it get's hard sometimes, but I belive you can do everything you want! Or I hope so.

I'm currently working in my webcomic The Fisherman's Song, that you are probably reading here ---> Webtoon or here ----> Tapas

I've been drawing constantly for about 4 years now, but I stil think that I just started drawing and painting and that I have a lot to learn until I can do the big projects I always dreamed to do, but it's really hard without support haha. With your help I'll be able to unlock my full potential and final form! And also I'll be able to keep making comics because without a small significant amount of money I won't be able to keep doing this.
So please, give my stories a chance, I'll always try to do better. Now, If you can help me make more, I'd be forever grateful while writing and drawing for all of you. I hope you tag along with me, thank you!
English is my second language and I learn it by myself (day by day) so it's kinda bad, I'd like to apologize for that.

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I'll make and publish about a 30% of more panels per week for The Fisherman's Song than the usual.
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