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  • Can suggest hair styles you might want to see in the game
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  • Can send me ideas about future scenes that you would like to see pursued in the game's future releases
  • All suggestions will be considered and if the time allows me I will discuss your suggestions with you.
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About SugarMint

You can play the latest public version of Malevolent Planet by clicking the above image. Preferably played in Chrome, Firefox, but it might work on other browsers and on mobile. 
Latest $5+ Patreon Build (v0.2.00)
Latest $1 Patreon Build here (v0.2.00)
Latest Public Build Here (v0.2.00)

Hello! I'm SugarMint. I was initially drawing R34 art of popular characters, but as my skill grew, I decided to work on my own game called Malevolent Planet. It is a developing Life-Simulator game in a Sci-Fi setting. New developments are made often and I am updating fans of the game as often as I can make progress on the game.

Thank you for your attention and for your support!
If you're going to become a Patron, please take notice that you will be charged up front and then on the beginning of the next month. 
$264.75 of $600 per month
Malevolent Planet is the game I enjoy working on more than I enjoy working on anything else and I would like to devote more and more of my time to it.
Reaching this goal will allow me to cover my expenses more comfortably which in turn means even more time for development. My plans for what happens after I reach this goal:
  • The development of more alien races with their own backstories and NSFW quirks. I will make launch polls with ideas to figure out which alien races to focus on first.
  • More sandbox content that allows your character to farm resources to upgrade the ship and give it greater capabilities. Examples of such sandbox content are jobs of different natures, some may prove to be more dangerous like bounties and some may prove to be less dangerous, at the cost of some of your character's dignity.
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