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Granulated Sugars are the easiest price you can get. Members of this tier pay $1/month, and will receive a one-time purchase of a commission coupon - has to be a rough sketch, no color. Full-body may be allowed, depending on detail. 

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Caster Sugars are the second tier. Every month, in the beginning, you'll get a short excerpt of any stories, as well as the WEBTOON episode! You'll also be getting a commission coupon, one-time.



About Sugartory

HELLO THERE! My name is Sugartory - Suga, Sugar, Tory, Tors, Tor, Sugs, whatever for short.

I'm a panromantic demiromantic asexual, meaning I have no desire for a sexual relationship, nor can I be in a relationship if I did not know the person beforehand - and was in a close relationship with them already. I am also agender, meaning I prefer they/them pronouns - or any, I honestly couldn't care less.

I am the creator of the WCBY series (INCOMPLETE) on both Wattpad and Inkitt. Currently, no WEBTOONs have been published under the name "Sugartory" but they will be soon! 

If you can't find me on some social media handles, search up my alternative name "Surgatory" and you'll most likely find me.

@surgatory on Instagram
@surgatory on Wattpad
@sugartory on WEBTOON
@surgatory on Inkitt

If you join a tier, you are supporting me by freeing up my time so I can have more time with writing and drawing, and even better, interacting! 

- When Blood Runs Blue (A Post-Apocalyptic BL WEBTOON)
- BTS of WCBY 
- Glass (A Post-Apocalyptic Wattpad Story)
- Home Is Not So Far Away (Medieval time GL AU WEBTOON)
- Sit Down, and Let's Chirp (Slice of Life WEBTOON)
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A special chapter will be uploaded, in all my series.
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