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Hello, I'm Suha from Malaysia! Currently working on projects that involves both photography, travel and illustrations because I've always been a big believer that an artist is not confined to just one or two mediums. My goal for 2018 is to have a stronger brand as well as moving towards making videos on top of what I've been doing this year. 

I don't like taking donations although I really appreciate it, therefore your pledges will be like mini subscription boxes of things I've produced so far! Every month, I'll send you a different printed polaroid, an original polaroid or artwork along with a letter according to the tier you pledge to~ The prices should match up to my online shop (including shipping)

If you'd like to support and be apart of my journey with me, I would love to have you on-board as my patron! I'm looking at the next 5 years to be a very tough few years financially so even a dollar will be tremendously helpful. I intend to learn and do tons in the next 5 years while documenting what I learn. 

 At the moment though, this is what I'm working on in 2018:

  1. Plant Themed Zines: Herbs / Succulents / Fungi
  2. Polaroid Sets: Korea / Red / Kyoto
  3. Online Shop for my Polaroids
  4. Another Travel Sketch Zine: Planning on Location

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Thank you! A dollar is much appreciated, you guys keep me going. With a dollar, I can afford a pen, one polaroid film or even a simple sketchbook. 
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You guys are the best! With this, you'll be getting:
  • Products: $10 worth
  • Different Products every month
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This is a lot, so lets give out something more unique! With this, you'll be getting:
  • 1 Credit Card Sized Polaroid
  • Polaroid will not have a double or printed using a polaroid printer but one that is taken on-site with an Instax camera
  • Polaroids will be shipped on the 5th of every month
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Plant Based Zines!

I want to produce at least three zines this year and the first one will be on herbs - this will help me with mainly my printing and I'll be giving out 10 zines to the patrons that contributes the longest throughout the makings of this project. Planning on possible themes to study on: Herbs, Succulents and Fungi
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