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Get our debut full-length album digitally AS SOON AS IT'S FINISHED. The album will drop one single at a time throughout 2019 and 2020 so you'll be among the first to get your hands on a station-wagon-full of brand new songs. Also includes rewards of 3-Piece-Luggage Tier. 

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Get a PHYSICAL COPY of our debut album, "The Love We Found" sent to you AS SOON AS IT'S FINISHED. The album will drop one single per month throughout 2019 so you'll be among the first to get your hands on a station-wagon-full of brand songs. Also includes rewards of previous reward tiers. 




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About Suitcase Souls

Suitcase Souls, this Folk/Pop duo you see before you, is a dream of ours.

It started in Memphis, TN, when I (Kyle, who is writing this) and my wife, Marci, met when we both transferred on a whim at the last minute to Visible Music College, where we each studied modern songwriting and performance to pursue careers as full-time musicians.

Long story short (you'll hear all about it in our music we promise :), we fell in love and got married in June of 2015. Since then we've enjoyed making music in our own individual bands, Marci with her solo project, Marci Coleman, and I in my alt-rock band, Airside, and have loved every minute of getting to do the thing that we love with amazing people. We soon realized though that the further down each of those roads we traveled, the more time we would spend apart.

So we thought of something that, honestly, we are surprised didn't happen sooner. We began writing songs together. A lot of songwriting sessions later, we had enough material together to record our first project. With the help of some great and talented friends, we're ready to get this collection of snapshot love stories together into one album.

This hasn't been an immediate jump-in-and-swim situation though. We both work full-time jobs, me with teaching lessons and working as a barista and composing children's music (real thing), and Marci as an admissions counselor, which limits the time we can spend writing music and chasing the dream. But we're not giving up yet- we need your help.

Instead of releasing our music all at once, we want to give y'all a chance to jump straight to the front of the line. Each month of 2019 we will be releasing one song and video content to go with it, and our Patreon supporters will always be the first to see it. Right up there with parents and best friends and aunts and in-laws, y'all get EVERYTHING before the rest of the world, along with some other cool stuff. See our full list of Tiers for rewards at each level of support.

Art is meant to be a communal experience. Whether we're writing a playful song about new-found romance or a heavier piece about persevering when life gets us feeling low, the stories mean infinitely more when they are shared. We want to share more of ourselves, and that is only possible if we can get the funding necessary to jump head-first into writing, recording, and performing our music all year long. We would love for your to consider being part of making that happen.

-Kyle and Marci

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ONE NEW SONG/DEMO: After writing a song, some artists produce what's called a demo. Our demos will in many cases be full-production recordings- except that the majority of the instruments will be programmed within music composition software, so they won't have the sound of a real player. Despite that, a demo gives the artist a sense of the song's potential. Reaching $400/month will help us let go of a side-hustle or two and give us time to demo one new song per month.
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