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About Sujith Jay Nair

I write about data-engineering, programming, and more. These articles are available for free at, ad-free. My primary audience are fellow data-engineers who are trying to navigate the opaque, complex world of data-intensive systems. And to them, I try to convey my learnings and intuition about designing, building and operating data systems.

I have covered a variety of topics; some of the popular articles on the blog are:

I am loving this pursuit; but I have bigger plans. I want to write a book on data systems. Martin Kleppmann has produced a wonderful compendium in Designing Data-Intensive Applications, but I believe a practitioner's (more than a researcher's) view would help us further. Help me in this pursuit.

The best way for you to do this is to become patrons. Whatever you choose to help, I am grateful to have you as a reader & my supporter. More power to you!

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