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About Suki

" Hi everyone !

I'm the guy behind that Kakashi mask ! I've been cosplaying for over 9 years now. I'm mostly known for my personification of Kakashi Hatake ^_^ He is one of my biggest motivations for cosplay and will always be. I dedicated my cosplay career to that character, which become my role model. I created many many versions of him over the years and I'm as excited as the first time every time I cosplay him ! Kakashi really sticks to me wherever I go ! ^^' Obviously, I cosplay from other popular shows and video games as well ! 
I make all my cosplays myself, which means it costs me a lot money wise and time wise. With your help, I will be able to create more cosplays in less time. My ultimate goal is doing this full time AND travel to conventions everywhere in the world.
This Patreon not only will help me acheive these dreams, but I also love to share my experiences and skills that I've learned through cosplay.
I'm also a big Fanservice fan. I like yaoi, shibari, bondage, BDSM, overall, I love NSFW stuff! If you are into this stuff, you're at the right place !
REWARDS IN DETAILS (Higher tiers includes all rewards from lower tiers)
*Go down for a definition of Shibari and BDSM terms if you're not familiar
**Make sure you look at the rewards tiers for even more details 
VILLAGER (1$) : Mostly, you will get to see everything before everyone else on my social medias. You will also vote when I do polls on many different subjects and ideas. You're also part of my private Discord at this tier !
ACADEMY STUDENT (5$) : This one is for behind the scene photos and before/after photo edits. You get to see more of what's hidden !
GENIN (12$+): Here you start getting fanservice material, including the shibari/bondage photoshoots! Meaning I do fanservice outside of the shibari or bondage styles as well of course. You will see HALF of the photos I consider too explicit for social medias. And that half does NOT include the most explicit ones. 
You do not get physical rewards, but I give you a high quality downloadable wallpaper every month.  I also add you to my private Facebook group, where I share more every day life stuff, VIDEOS, and where I share most of my tips and tutorials there, as well as WIP of my projects.That means I also add you on my personal FB, which allows you to talk to me via chat! :) Note that I do not make a lot of tutorials or complexe ones.

SEWING PATTERN TIER (15$) : Have access to all my digital sewing patterns here on Patreon. You will also receive the files on your email every month from the moment you subscribe and forward. Older files will have to be download from Patreon. You don't have access my FB group neither, where I post tutorials, wip, and more. You only have access to the ''All tier'' posts on Patreon.
CHUUNIN (25$) : You start getting physical rewards with this one ! And you get a lot ! Physical rewards are shipped every TWO months and includes 5''x7'' signed prints, stickers and unique anime items ! You also get a hand written birthday letter on the month of your birthday. I'll also be happy to follow you on your favorite social media, just send me your link !
About the fanservice part, you get to see ALL the fanservice set.
JOUNIN (40$) : Here is for HARDCORE fanservice/BDSM/Bondage lovers !! To this tier I share my most extreme fanservice cosplay poses. Meaning they are VERY explicit and can incluse te use of different BDSM toys. That kind of photos I don't want too many people to see...if you know what I mean ! These particular photos are not part of the normal fanservice, therefore lower tiers won't have access to them.
Besides that, pretty much the same as Chuunin, but you get bigger prints 7''x10". 
ULTIMATE FANSERVICE TIER (26$): This tier is the SAME as JOUNIN, but does NOT include physical rewards. If you are here for the Fanservice only, pick that one because you get to see EVERYTHING, but you do not receive prints or anything in the mail. 
GENERAL(50$) : Same as JOUNIN, but you can even bigger prints 8"x12", which makes quite a big different to be honest ! My favorite size of prints !
HOKAGE (100$) : Here I becme your personal Sensei. Which means I'm here to help you on whatever cosplay projects you have. I guide you through steps, help you getting materials or the right tutorials. I'm here to help you ! 
GOD (200$) : Includes everything, but here you can choose a cosplay that you would like me to make. That includes a professional photoshoot, with fanservice poses if you desire. You get to decide who you want me to be for you !  Obviously, we need to discuss details before !


Shibari : Japanese rope bondage.
BDSM : Bondage using leather, cuffs, chains, etc. Can include blindfolds, gags and more.

I have an interest in everything bondage since forever. And I've been active in the BDSM community for a long time. Shibari is a Japanese bondage art.  Aaaahh ! And I want to lift the stigmat and taboo around the BDSM community. They are ones of the best people I know ! BDSM has that stigmat that people are abused and forced into some kind of weird fetishes. It's actually the complete opposite ! People are real bond between each other, and they respect each other so much. It's all about playing within the other's limits. Everyone has fetishes, and all kinds, and if you allow me, I'd like to share mine with you. On a platform and with people I trust. I will share online some of my photos, but a lot of them (mostly the BDSM ones), will be share only here. 

Thank you so much everyone for being part of this !! Love you all !! <3

- Suki
64% complete
I will open more hoodie commission spots for everyone !
I will also be able to save money for eventually be able to go back to Europe or other international conventions.
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