Summer of String is creating Handmade Friendship Bracelets and Similar Crafts

Bracelets for the Stars

$1 /creation
- Help me to cover the cost of making and shipping bracelets to celebrities around the world. 

All Patrons receive access to Monthly Exclusive Patterns.

The DIYer: Exclusive Patterns

$5 /creation
Know your way around the Alpha Bracelet Pattern? Each month I release a new bracelet design to Patreon.

All Patrons receive access to Exclusive Monthly Patterns.

The Monthly Bracelet

$10 /creation
Don't want to make each month's exclusive pattern yourself? Be the early bird and buy the bracelet here for a heavily discounted price. Many of these bracelets will become available on Etsy at thei...

Intro to Bracelets!

$15 /creation
Never made a bracelet? Want to learn? here are the Step by Step instructions starting with the basics!

Lessons are broken down into 2 parts. Subscribe here for access to Parts 1 and 2.


Break it Down: Exculsive Tutorial

$30 /creation
Confused by the pattern and determined to make it yourself? I can provide a step by step digital tutorial of each month's exclusive.

- Access to Full Lessons.
- Access to a Full ...


I Want It All: Exclusive and Tutorial

$45 /creation
- Access to Full Lessons.
- Access to a Full Digital Step by Step Tutorial of the Monthly Pattern.
- The Monthly Bracelet will be shipped to you.

All Patrons receive access t...