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Instagram-Therapy accounts recognize that nearly 40 million Americans have anxiety-related disorders. "What a market!", they say to themselves. They want to make this market larger, I want to make it smaller. Who do you support? 
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Depression Tier

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Another large market! Nearly 16 million Americans have depression. Instagram-Therapy accounts want to capitalize on your mental illness! So what do they do? They sell things like $116 sweatshirts! *Not kidding btw* $24 a year to help me combat these fools, or $116 for a sweatshirt? 
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Mental Health REAL Donation (70%)

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The only tier that isn't a joke. 70% of proceeds donated to the Mental Health Resource of your choosing. I can also aide you in finding a resource if need be. The rest of the $36 for the year will be supporting me with continuing my work. 
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About Liam Scully/Sum of Life

Combating Instagram-Therapy & actually donating large amounts of my earnings on the third tier to Mental Health Resources. 

Where am I calling these Instagram-Therapy accounts out on? Obviously on Instagram --> @sumoflifeofficial

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