Tales of Alethrion is creating animated webisodes and YouTube videos

$2 /creation
The Insider: You are lovely and get access to our patreon updates where we tell about our thoughts, how things are going and what we have planned for next month + "Thank you" video!

$5 /creation
Member of Alethrion's Council: You get access to the interaction (voting sheet) where you can choose A, B, C options or interact in other ways with ...

$10 /creation
The Spellcaster: You will get a mail with our artwork/visual material, usually from the previous month's "Choose Their Path" and/or webisodes, can a...

$25 /creation
The Paladin: This is for the dedicated The Reward fans. Get your name on the credits and show the world that you are a part of making this happen! (...

$80 /creation
The Deity: Epic gratitude! The Reward director Mikkel Mainz or Kenneth Ladekjer will send an exclusive, signed, digital doodle to your e-mail the month following your pledge
+ Everything listed above