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About Sunne


I'm Noah/Sunne/Spit. One of those three, depending on what kind of music I'm making. I probably should have said that I make music. I make anything from electronic downtempo to pure noise, although i don't really experiment with rock or metal music. pretty much just electronic sounds.

But like I said, it ranges depending on the genre! Noah and Sunne are interchangeable aliases I use for electronic music and downtempo/hip hop, while Spit is my angsty alias who focuses all his time and energy on being as loud and noisy as possible.

I also don't really have the best equipment to make it with, but that's why I'm launching this page! I want to get a job to help pay for equipment like better headphones and some studio monitors, but this page could help a lot too! and maybe grow bigger!

If you find it in your heart to donate, even $1 a month would help so much. Thank you.
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