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Greetings, Earthlings!

I’m Sunny. I'm a Canadian artist, writer, and muse with bipolar disorder I, generalized anxiety disorder and I'm recovering from 15 years of agoraphobia. In 2011 I almost died from pancreatitis, which instead left me with a shitty pancreas that causes digestive issues, best addressed by medical marijuana (which I legally grow), and chronic pancreatitis. Having chronic pancreatitis means that sometimes food or medication or alcohol will trigger the worst pain a human being is capable of being in. Sometimes I don't even know the reason, my pancreas - located in your solar plexus area - just freaks out for no reason and gives me varying degrees of pain and bullshit. Sometimes I have to go to the hospital because I can't manage the pain at home, but usually I can manage with enough hydromorphone/dilaudid. I also have stage IV endometriosis, which is a whole other thing, and is the least of my physical worries at the moment - thank god - because I now take birth control pills non-stop to avoid periods altogether. That is me as a physical human being. I am also a woman and prefer "she/her". I'm happily married to the brilliant Blake and I'm the mother to serendipitous Madison, who can legally drink now, and whiz kid Wes, who is a teenager. Lucky is our very senior, constantly shedding, Husky/golden retriever dog.


With a spiffy logo and a solid, growing portfolio of illustrations that I started creating in 2015, supported by loyal patrons, I'm trying to build a brand. It's called SunnyGrrrl. It's feminist, not always nice, and my girls are the heroes. SunnyGrrrl is pro-choice, pro-sex work, believes Black Lives Matter & that trans rights are human rights. There are no guns in Sunnyland, SunnyGrrrls prefer to split skulls with blades and blunt weapons. As someone once said, "we are the granddaughters of the witches they could not burn,".

My work consists of mixed media paintings and colouring pages right now, with a few Art Resin pieces mixed in, when I can afford to play with that medium. Some of my work is pretty. I like making pretty things, especially if I think it might be hung in a child's room. Some of my work is a little dark. I create art because that is the energy I feel in my bones. It’s pink and it radiates from my glitter-infused marrow. Not making art is not an option, it's like an obsessive compulsion that can't be turned off because I was born with it and then steeped in it for a lifetime.

My goal is not to give up my "lovely money job" as a customer support representative any time soon because I really love my super flexible hours and despite it being a "lowly" job (if ya wanna be a dick about it), I truly believe that the work I do there is important and what I do there has value. However, because I'm only capable of working there part-time and not all my medical expenses are covered by my husband's insurance, my paycheque doesn't allow much wiggle room for creative endeavors. I have $0 to invest in myself or my business. Patreon is my entire business budget. I'm also paying down debt from before I had a job and was trying to live on painting sales. I can usually make shit work when I have a creative idea, but I'm really tired of struggling to get ahead in life and business.

My goal for Patreon is to build a gang of like-minded people who appreciate me, my struggle and my work, while making enough money to get me through the process of finding a literary or art agent so I can turn my colouring pages into colouring books and my inspiration cards into real decks you can hold in your hands, purchased at a Chapters or Barnes & Noble near you. This is the goal that I am actively working toward in 2019, until...however long it takes, I guess. As Amanda Palmer says, "Don't stop trying."

After that, my ultimate goal is for my girls to be on skateboard decks, cell phone cases, enamel pins, wallets, t-shirts, postcards, stickers, laptop skins, iPad covers - and every other cool thing I can think of! I want SunnyGrrrl to be the next Hello Kitty or Lisa Frank! I want to one day have a flagship store! And honestly? I think this Patreon is only gonna get cooler, the closer I get to those goals.
Wanna be in my gang?

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