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Thanks for making your way on over to my Patreon page! I sincerely hope you’ve been enjoying what I’ve been making.
I do what I do ‘cause I love to do it, and nothing makes me happier than bringing good vibes to others through the work I do. It’s a full time job, though, and while I’m perfectly happy to make my stuff available for free to all, I figured I ought to set up a little donation pool for anyone who feels like they might wanna give a little something back.
There is absolutely no pressure! It’s a struggle out there and I know that money doesn’t grow on trees, believe me!
But maybe on a day that you decide to skip your morning coffee, or forego your lunchtime ramen cup and you’re feeling a little generous, I hope you’ll consider dropping a few coins into my tip jar so I can keep creating cool stuff for everyone. :^)

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