Sunny's Diner is creating Twitch Streams

$5 /mo
Challenge me to a best of 3 Hearthstone Match!

$10 /mo
The Best of 3 Hearthstone Challenge, a Twitter thank you, and a unique handwritten card thanking you for your donation!

$15 /mo
A Cool Sunny's Diner Sticker! plus the Hearthstone Challenge, twitter thanks, handwritten card.

$25 /mo
Regular Status for any future awards, Access to the Regulars only Hearthstone Monthly tourney! Sunny's Diner Sticker, hearthstone challenge, twitter thanks, handwritten card.

$35 /mo
Bowtie Surprise! (thanks Bannish) You get a "game-worn" bowtie shipped to you! Plus the sticker, card, and twitter thank-you

$50 /mo
Your choice of either Sunny's Diner mug, apron, t-shirt, keychain, water-bottle or tote-bag! Plus regular status, entrance into the monthly regulars tourney, sticker, hearthstone challenge, twitter...