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About Sunny Victor

Hello everyone,
Thank you for visiting my official Patreon page. Sunny Victor is here.
   for the past 15 years I was working as story board artist and illustrator for Advertising industry and Animation and Cinema. but my true Passion lies within gay art and making erotic comics. just recently, my comic series "Naked Knight" , "The Last Merman" and "PAYDAY" and many more,  published by class comic company and accepted from both critics and fans. I wanted to try creating a Patreon to help me work on more personal projects.
  Your generous support will help me focus on personal artworks and Your donations will help fund projects I have in mind. such as comic book series, art books, and more. Thank you for all the support.
Sunny Victor

  • for buying my Books please visit:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: all new supporters will charged at the BEGINNING of the MONTH for their FIRST PLEDGE to prevent steeling my works and not honoring pledges. thank you.
$1,000 - reached! per month
Dreams can come true. after we reach $1000 I can add a small Booklet of art (sketches and reject arts) with up to 10 pages and add it your rewards.
thank you.
I can Buy a more powerful Computer system with a bigger Cintiq Monitor.
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