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About George Weidman

Hi, I'm George! A gaming journalist with a YouTube channel called Super Bunnyhop. For the past five years, I've been uploading weekly video essays reporting on, reviewing, and interviewing the people and products behind the video game business. If you enjoy the show and want it to continue for many more years, then please BECOME A PATRON!

Over the past five years I've been on an amazing journey of doing what I've been wanting to do since I was a child-- and the whole time I've always been holding myself to a standard of work that I know I can stay proud of for years.

My videos cover topics that other games media haven't fully explored or committed to-- and they're videos that don't pull punches or accept the easy answers. I've made videos about companies mistreating their employees, or companies avoiding taxes. I've made videos explaining how companies weigh the costs and benefits of shipping incomplete games or games that make people sick.

In short, the standard that I hold myself to is that of the serious, traditional journalism training I was taught. But maybe with Patreon we can make them even better!

People have asked me to start a Patreon for years, but I've never been a fan of asking people for money without ensuring they get something in return. So with that in mind I'll be using this opportunity to explore the first passion of my life: the written word.

For just $5, you'll gain access to two new written articles a month that I'll be producing in addition to my regular videos.

These columns will be about topics too niche, broad or casual to be a good a fit for video, and will be a great way to explore topics I would not otherwise be able to. In addition to that, you've a $10 option for Discord access to hangout, chat, and play games with none other than myself, plus a $20 option for immortalizing your name in the credits of my videos!

This campaign's funding goals are specifically budget for practical, life-improving changes that should make running the channel a whole lot easier: starting with some basic financial stability, then moving on to quitting the day job, freeing up a rented room from my condo, and maybe even renting a remote office space and hiring an assistant or two to help out.

This is campaign is also an opportunity for me to improve my standards, and focus more time on making the analytical and journalistic videos that I believe people came and stayed on the channel for.

For the past five years I've imposed a weekly deadline on myself to make ends meet, and the time and financial pressure of making sure each week's video is popular and high-quality enough to sustain myself has strained my options for tackling more time-demanding and niche topics. With that in mind, I'd like to return to a series of lengthy, highly-researched reviews that I haven't been able to keep updated.

Starting this channel has been the best decision I've made in my life, and I'm really happy with how it's turned out. And I'm planning for Patreon to be the next big step to get me producing more content, but at a steadier pace that will ensure everything has its own appropriate place and polish.

Things are looking up! Thanks for reading, and whether or not this campaign is a success, we'll still be seeing each other again soon.


- George


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Believe it or not, I still work a day job. When I have to work it, the channel suffers. Let's not let that happen again! This budget level will let me finally quit the day job, and also guarantees that I can use that newfound free time on an original podcast of my own (with money to fairly and regularly pay co-hosts!)
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