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No frills but super important. Please know that your pledge buys us cereal. And it gets you a shoutout in an episode! If enough people sign up for this, we might have to make an Animaniacs-style song listing all the donors to the tune "Turkey in the Straw." Neither of us play the fiddle.

This also gives you access to exclusive content available only to donors, including: outtakes, donor-only episodes, and videos (?!). 
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Whoa. This is getting serious. Not only do you get the shoutout and access to donor-only content, but you get the official, limited edition until we run out, SCP vinyl sticker. Its all-weather and looks good on cars, laptops and stop signs (note: vandalism is bad). (But our sticker looks so good on things!) (we do not condone vandalism) (but how awesome would that sticker look on a telephone pole in your hometown?) (don't stick it on things that will get you trouble) (😏)
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Oh man. Thank you so much! I guess if you're going to give us that much, we're going to have to do something really special. How about we eat some cereal together in the virtual space? Hang out with Nick and Paul on a monthly livestream where we eat some cereal and answer your burning cereal Qs. Also the sticker and the shoutout and the donor-only content.




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Paul and Nick bring you history, news, and skewed views in contributing to our national conversation about cereal and they do it for the love of the game. They are cereal enthusiasts, outsiders in the cereal industry, and dedicated to putting out episodes every week with breakfast discussion and terrible puns.

Patreon give us a great opportunity to provide more and better stuff for cereal fans! We're really excited about these perks and think you'll be, too. All of them keep the podcast ad-free and in resistance of the powerful cereal lobby's harsh tyranny. It will not, however, keep Kellogg's from stealing the idea for our show and then taking us to court over it later. No one can stop Kellogg's.

Super Cereal Podcast people, thank you for at least considering to support our enterprise into cerealdom. Everything makes a difference in buying new cereals and manipulating our postal system to send Zip-Loc bags full of puffs and loops across oceans and country. We love you and celebrate you. 

Cutting and rolling,
Paul and Nick
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$100 per month covers most out-of-pocket expenses. It will make our wives happy to have this thing self-funded. Seriously.
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