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For $1 you get our undying love, on a reoccurring basis! 

Love and Website or Podcast Hosting

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On top of all the love, you also can get website hosting via our server! I'll even throw up CMS installations like WP or Joomla for ya. If you are a podcaster, we can get you setup with an RSS feed and get you loaded into services like iTunes and Google Play

Love, Website, and Independent streaming

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The above tiers, plus we will get you hooked up with our custom streaming solution! Ever wanted to stream to your own website, independent of Twitch or Youtube? Want to stream to your own site, and republish to those platforms anyway? We have you covered!




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About SuperNerdLand

Welcome to the Patreon for SuperNerdLand!

We create... well a variety of things that we try to get out in the world. From podcasts, to articles, webcomics to LPs. We are here to help folks get their content creation feet under them, and offer a home to wayward data.

We also working towards independent platforms for streaming and video hosting, with betas currently up for our own personal use. 

Our costs are fairly lean for having our own (super under provisioned currently >.>) server. We split a dedicated server with the kind folks over at Highland Arrow, making our monthly costs $80. 

If we ever covered that 100% here, that would be neat! We currently cover the difference out of pocket, which isn't a big deal. But having these costs automatically covered certainly allows us room to grow with drive space for our server and software subscriptions to enhance site functionality and design.

As always, thanks for everything! You can always find us over at or at
$19.15 of $80 per month
We currently share a dedicated server, and our side of the costs on a monthly basis is $80/month. This is currently paid out of pocket, and being able to cover server costs allows us to easily add more HDD space for our video site, pick up review copies of games, and more.
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