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Hey there! My name is Sajuuk and I am the sole developer and creator of SajuukBot, a highly configurable and modular moderation bot that is used on the Discord chat application. However, to host and maintain this bot requires time and money, the latter of which I don't have enough of to keep the bot running indefinitely.

At this time (June 2019), there are 35 discord communities utilising my moderator bot and the number grows every month. However, to keep the bot online requires some investment on my side, as the VPS costs $30 per month. While I could downscale this to a cheaper solution, this would require significant downtime and the current VPS more than satisfies the requirements needed.

If you wish to support me in keeping the bot online, feel free to drop $1 a month! Just having 30 patrons all donating $1 / month would be enough to keep SajuukBot running every single month indefinitely!

Thanks for supporting the bot! :D
$21 of $50 per month
By reaching $50 every month on this page, the bot would be able to remain online indefinitely and be scalable for the future. Any and all donations to support this mod bot, currently in more than 30 discord servers (all of which are highly reliant upon its functionality) is important!
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