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Thanks so much! At this tier you get:
-My eternal gratitude
-Access to the secret Patrons-only essays and videos
-Access to Patreon-only episodes of Heart Canon, a podcast I'm making

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Whoa! At this tier you get:
-An exclusive .exe download of my games to own forever and play on your PC (or through, like, WINE)
-All previous benefits!

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WAAAAT! At this tier you'll get:
-Your name (or handle or whatever) in the credits of my monthly games!
-Early Access to Heart Canon, a podcast I'm making for my patrons
-All of the previous benefits too!




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About Kevin Cole & SuperTry

Who are you?
Hi, my name is Kevin Cole! I've been making games full time since 2013.
I designed, sprited, and programmed HaqueElse WalkerEleazar, and more!
I wrote and designed Space Kings and I co-host Pretend Friends.
My games have been featured on Game Maker's ToolkitRock Paper ShotgunGame Curator, and PC Gamer.
I, uh, also edit Goosebuds and the Continuecast.

What are you making?
I'm making a new video game every month that you can play in your browser!
I'd also like this Patreon to be a home for short videosessays, code reviews, recipes, procedural generation projects, and little demos of stuff that have been otherwise left on the cutting room floor.

What do you need money for?
Basically to live! I need money for food, shelter, student loans, and to replace all of the things I break all of the time. I'm making these games with my friends (many of them are also independent artists) and I'd like to pay them for their work.

What do I get for supporting you?
Lots of stuff! In addition to my sincerest gratitude for helping me live my cyberhippie life your donation can get you:
  • Secret patron-only posts!
  • Exclusive .exe downloads of my jam games!
  • Your name or handle or whatever in the credits of my games!
  • Possibly much more! I'll be looking to my patrons to help steer this ship!
$465.51 of $500 per month
Return of the pizza post! I will buy another pizza and tell you if it was a good pizza or not. I hope it is a good pizza.
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